Redesign of the Hospital Vivian Pellas graphic identity

Brand Identity / Digital / Experiences & environments / Implementation

Every change moves us to evolve. The “Hospital Vivian Pellas” Logo renewed through a modern Font with which we conveyed the Hospital’s warmth, humanity, trustworthiness, experience, and innovation.

We renewed and simplified the symbol, keeping the brand’s main equities, the formal/conceptual reference of the previous logo, but its execution changed evolutionarily.

Design Structure
To ensure and extend its useful life, remove the monotony and amplify the possibilities of its visual system, we designed a flexible and straightforward layout to reinforce the brand’s essence based on one part of the symbol as a “unifying element.”

For this project, we developed the Visual Identity, the Visual and Verbal Territories, the Printing Systems, the Digital and Traditional Implementation and its Experiences and environments.