The Team

We are always creating and transforming our clients' ideas

LILIÁN JIMÉNEZ - Funding Partner

She is the founder of 360Brand. She has a strategic and creative view and believes that to develop a strong brand in the market, you have to build it from the inside out. She is a bilingual professional with 27 years of experience in Branding, Strategy, Name Creation, Brand Implementation, and Digital Transformation. Her experience in the Branding sector has given her the opportunity of developing great projects in the USA, Singapur, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, London, and Indonesia.

ZARETH ESTRADA - Brand Strategy Consultant

Zareth is a senior branding consultant. She specializes in consumer analysis and insights and has more than eight years of experience in brand strategy and planning. She worked as a consultant for Landor and MBLM, has developed brands and business strategies for Alsea, Pepsico, Pfizer, Unilever, Mondélez (Kraft), Nestlé, and Diageo. She has great experience in food and beverage categories and has developed in-depth research projects on the women market segment and the behavior of the middle class in Mexico.

PRISCILA CASANOVA - Graphic Designer

After recently graduated from the Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, one of the most prestigious universities in London, she came back to Mexico with the interest of sharing her experiences and developing them in the Mexican design field. Being a multidisciplinary designer, her techniques include analogous, digital, illustration, motion, and Art direction. She believes the best way to keep on growing and learning is in a community that contributes to their experiences. In 2019 she showed her art in two expositions in London in which she blended her Mexican roots and her world vision.


Gustavo has more than eight years of experience in generating solutions for Digital Media in the fields of Development, Web Design, and Social Media. Besides his trajectory in the implementation and execution of Digital Strategy, he has collaborated with brands as Aristegui Noticias, Pepsico, Nike, Univision, CNN, Forbes, and the Reforma newspaper. His experience also encompasses tasks as client management, planning, research, conceptualization, user experience, design, and programming. He has become an expert in providing personalized solutions from the beginning to the end of a project with the objective audience.