Brand and packaging redesign Pet Master

Brand Identity / Packaging

Cargill Honduras selected us to make the redesign of Pet Master, as it had lost market share to its competitors and take advantage of the change to unify the brand for the countries of Central America and Mexico.

The new redesign focused on the middle/low, middle economic segment and a target in which dog owners look for food at an economical price that their dogs like and that keeps them satisfied.



The solution:

We conducted a visual audit of competitors and trends and market research that gave us a clear definition of the strategic elements of the selected concept: functional and emotional attributes, benefits, brand personality, and tagline.

We explored several visual territories, and together with the client, we defined the “Trust” territory. And from there, we brainstormed colors, typographies, shapes, photography style, textures, etc, which were developed to obtain a strategic design.



  1. We made it more empathetic, close, and timeless rescuing the blue color of the packaging, which came out to be the identifying color of the brand.
  2. We developed a graphic element that represented the ‘dog’s tail’ and at the same time emphasized the word ‘MAS’ (more nutrition, more quality, more satisfaction).
  3. We designed unique typography, especially for the brand, keeping the original design’s capital letters easy to read and projected closeness and empathy.


Visual territory:

For the selection of the adult dog, we defined it to be Creole since most of our targets did not have purebred dogs. We did an arduous casting until we found the right one.

We created a texture that would be the unifying element of the packaging and other points of contact.

And the creation of exclusive illustrations according to the benefits of the food (descriptive but at the same time clear and straightforward).

All together gave an excellent result for the client and us as brand consultants.

For this Pet Master project, we developed: Brand strategy, brand and packaging redesign, implementation, and brand manual.


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