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Diseño de empaque / Implementación

Yutai Seafood hired us to design their new packaging line of marine species under the new brand “Long Ze Xian” for the Chinese market taking upmarket trends such as “Gouchao.” – local Chinese culture, design, traditional patterns, and symbols.

Our differentiating attributes that make “Long Ze Xian” stand out from competitors: Safety, delicious & healthy, and all certified

Competitive advantage 

  • They are the experts in the seafood market.
  • Certifications (MSC)
  • Chinese consumers cook and eat at home. Many are avoiding imported seafood due to coronavirus fears.
  • Reacts changes in consumer behavior, which the pandemic has accelerated.

Target: Conscious, high-income adults (Millennials) and young adults (Gen Z)

  • Is health-conscious
  • Embraces an active lifestyle 
  • Uses technology to facilitate many areas of their lives
  • Wants their purchases to express their values
  • Is environmentally responsible and conscious 
  • Guochao is in. The packaging can embrace local Chinese culture, design, traditional patterns and symbols.
  • Appreciate the most in seafood products: Nutrition / Versatility (many uses) / Taste/Flavors.
  • Spent less and less time cooking



For creating the packaging design, we based on the following information that we analyzed with the client and took out the relevant insights for this project.

We identified three key visual trends:
1. Product quality – safety:
 Oriented with a wide variety of carefully selected seafood products 
2. Pure and natural style:
 Simple and clean
3. Guochao style:
 Chinese traditional cultural elements

The four dimensions to consider in packaging development 

  • HONEST (Quality & Safety): High-quality and convenient seafood products Quality, safe, traditional, evokes nostalgia from traditions, family values, and nation.
 (Transparent): Link to customers by culture, friendliness, relatable, national tide
  • EXPERT (Delicious & Healthy): The seafood expert
(Sustainable & Eco-friendly): Clean and simple



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